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Rory/Warren, Rory/Roly, Patch/Jess/Anna, Anna/Warren

Lupine Shadows:  Rory had - understandably - had a really shitty day at work. She'd stayed late (she'd gotten there early - her supervisor must think she was dedicated. Or insane), so it was after dinner when she finally let herself into the house. She was drained, and she didn't want to see anyone, but with the sheer number of people in the house, there was bound to be someone. Hopefully it was someone she could tolerate right now.

Storm and Sorrow:  Warren was eating a late dinner in the front room.  He knew he could have gone up to the attic, but he wasn't in the mood to be social, really.  He was worried about the Rory situation and trying not to think about the possibility that Anna had feelings for him, but was startled out of his thoughts when he heard the front door open.

Lupine Shadows:  Rory ducked into the kitchen, settling her laptop on the table next to her purse. She thought about eating, but nothing sounded good, so she pulled a bottle of water out of the fridge, and got down the bottle of advil from the cabinet, and fished out a couple of pills. Maybe she'd push her supervisor into letting her back on the field. At least then she could shoot things to take out her aggression. She sat down at the table, slipping off her shoes, and dreading what she'd find in her room. Or what she'd

Lupine Shadows:  feel. She'd been trying not to think about the situation, but that was all that had been on her mind.

Storm and Sorrow:  Deciding to be braver than he felt, he stood up and headed into the kitchen.  He needed to put his dishes in the sink, anyway. "Hey," he said softly when he saw her at the table, moving to the sink and rinse off his plate.

Lupine Shadows:  "Hey," she said quietly, trying not to look at him. She wondered if he knew. If he'd heard. If Corey had announced it with banners and balloons. It wouldn't have surprised her, and the thought brought a little smirk to her lips.

Storm and Sorrow:  "Are you okay?" He asked softly.  He wasn't sure how to feel about it.  He felt bad that he'd catalyzed a break-up and figured she felt pretty bad about it too.

Lupine Shadows:  "I don't know," she said softly. Because she really didn't. She kind of wanted to be alone. Physically and emotionally. But mostly, she didn't want to fuck up the coven. "So, I guess ... everyone knows?"

Storm and Sorrow:  He leaned back against the counter, "Pretty much," he nodded, looking... apologetic.  This was somehow all his fault. There was so much he felt like he should say, but he couldn't find the words for any of it.

Lupine Shadows:  She nodded. She rested her head in her hand, her elbow on the table. Then, she opened up her laptop case. She hadn't done much work at work. She felt like they should talk about this, but all the will had drained out of her, and she just... didn't care.

Storm and Sorrow:  "Rory, if there's anything I can do.." he offered, feeling like he should do something or... something.  He just didn't know what. This was a new situation for him and not a pleasant one.

Lupine Shadows:  "I just...I think I need some time alone," she said softly. Maybe a very, very long time alone. She licked her lips. "How...have you seen him at all, today?" She hoped he was okay.

Storm and Sorrow:  He shook his head, "I.. I haven't seen him, but I wasn't really looking," because he was afraid it would be really, really awkward.

Lupine Shadows:  She nodded, pulling the case files out of her laptop bag. Maybe it had been a mistake. Just a bad dream. Because she couldn't be with him, not like this. She laughed at herself, then wiped the tears off her cheeks before she plugged the mouse into her computer. So she could work. She'd work, and then she'd shower, and then she'd sleep, and tomorrow, she'd do it all over again.

Storm and Sorrow:  "If you want to talk or anything.. I'll be up in my room, okay?" He wanted to make her feel better, but.. if she wanted to be alone, he would respect that too.

Lupine Shadows:  "Okay," she said numbly, kind of neutrally. She lifted her eyes to him, offering him a little smile. "Warren," she said quietly before she paused. "Don't...don't wait for me, okay?" She couldn't go through it again.

Storm and Sorrow:  "Rory," he licked his lips as he gazed at her, trying to figure out how to say what he felt. "I'm so sorry," he settled on because.. this was so messed up.

Lupine Shadows:  "It's not your fault," she assured him gently. "It's not anyone's fault. Sometimes...things just happen." She gazed up at him, studying him, and she managed a little smile for him before she opened up the file.

Storm and Sorrow:  He gave her a soft smile before he got himself a bottle of water and left the kitchen, wishing there was more he could do.

Lupine Shadows:  She unbound her hair, running her fingers through it, setting the pins and elastic on the table. She half-hoped to see Roland, but at the same time, wasn't sure she was up for seeing him. So she worked, and cried a little, and eventually remembered she was supposed to eat, so she did that, too.

Storm and Sorrow:  Roland knew he needed to eat, but he was kind of hiding. He hated that everyone knew because it just made him feel a little awkward. Deciding he was too hungry to put it off anymore and too lazy to go out, he headed downstairs to brave the kitchen and.. of course Rory was there. He stopped just inside the kitchen and stared stupidly.

Lupine Shadows:  She glanced up to him, and she felt her stomach twist a little. "Hey," she said softly. She saved her work, and started to close the files. That was probably her cue to go hide somewhere less public.

Storm and Sorrow:  "You don't have to go," he assured her quickly, shaking his head.  It was her house, after all. "I was just going to get something to eat real quick.  It's okay, really," he rambled.

Lupine Shadows:  "Yeah," she pointed out, "but if you don't feel like being social, you don't sit in grand central station, either." She shook her head, wanted to ask how he was, but then he'd ask how she was, and she was fucking miserable, and she didn't want to tell him that.

Storm and Sorrow:  "True," he relented, stepping further into the kitchen. It was weird because he wanted her to stay, but at the same time it kind of hurt.  It was just weird, feeling like he couldn't touch her or kiss her.  "I.. how was work?"

Lupine Shadows:  "Sucked," she admitted shakily before she shrugged. "Thinking about asking to go back out into the field," she murmured as she closed her laptop, sliding it back into the case, along with the files.

Storm and Sorrow:  "Yeah?" But he wasn't really surprised. "Do you think they'll let you?" He asked as he suddenly remembered he wanted foor and moved to the fridge to peer into it.

Lupine Shadows:  "I don't know," she said quietly. "Hope so." She gathered up her things, standing up. There was a very awkward pause before she said quietly. "Goodnight." And she just pretended that wasn't weird. She started up the stairs to their - no, her - room, and she let herself inside. She looked around, and somehow...that made it final. She closed the door, locked it, and dropped her things just inside the door. She crossed to her CD player, put in the loudest, angriest music she had, and turned up the volume to

Lupine Shadows:  let the music fill the room. And probably her half of the house.

Storm and Sorrow:  He watched her go and was.. sad.  He wasn't sure what he'd expected to happen, but.. he sighed, not hungry anymore and he decided he'd go for a walk.

Lupine Shadows:  Jess quirked a brow. Angry chick music. In Rory's room. Uh-oh. She looked around the attic, mostly to see if anyone wanted to talk about it. Her eyes lingered briefly on Anna, but she wasn't reacting. "Wonder if we should start looking for new places to live," she quipped to see if anyone took that bait.

Storm and Sorrow:  Patch frowned softly as he glanced towards the door. "They'll work it out," he hoped, though he was worried Warren would go find his own place.

Lupine Shadows:  "C'mon. This much testosterone in one house? I'm surprised they haven't resorted to cavemanisms already." She looked around. "Think I should go talk to her?" Yes, Anna thought. Talk her into taking him back. But she didn't say anything; she simply picked at her nail polish. Maybe she'd go find her own place.

Storm and Sorrow:  "Maybe," Patch mused. "It just seems.." he trailed off, not wanting to say anything that might upset Anna, but he thought it seemed stupid to break up and then not even get with Warren. "It's just a mess," he settled on.

Lupine Shadows:  "Well, we girls have a habit of making a mess of things," she said. She glanced over to Anna, then glanced over to Patch. "Maybe we should...you know. Look into getting our own place, anyway. I mean, it's cool living here and all, but..." She shrugged. "Bart's happy here," Anna pointed out. "Why  mess with it?" She flicked a flake of polish off her nail. "Besides. I don't want to get a job 'til the summer crowd leaves."

Storm and Sorrow:  "Out of all of us, I thought Bart would cause the drama," he said with a little grin.  "Maybe they'll get back together.  I mean, if they're both miserable without each other, it makes sense, doesn't it?"

Lupine Shadows:  "It's only been a day. You're always miserable the day after a break up." "And you have so much experience with it?" She grinned, and nudged Jess' thigh. "Yeah. I've broken up with each of ours at least twice each," she teased back.

Storm and Sorrow:  Patch laughed softly and sighed, "What would you say if you talked to her?" He asked Jess curiously as he leaned back against the chair he was sitting in.

Lupine Shadows:  "Well. I'd try to find out what was going on, and why she was jerking these poor boys around. Then I'd ask her what she'd think if I went after Roland, 'cause the boy is hot, and then after she'd thoroughly kicked my ass with her mad FBI skillz, I'd ... come limping back upstairs."

Storm and Sorrow:  "I think it's best if you leave her alone then," he stuck his tongue out at her, but he laughed softly.

Lupine Shadows:  She laughed. "I guess." She stuck her tongue back out at him. "So, speaking of hotness. When're our neighbors coming to play with us?"

Storm and Sorrow:  "I dunno.  We should set up a truth or dare game or something," a grin spread across his lips. "Or you could sit out in the front yard in a bathing suit.  That got our attention."

Lupine Shadows:  "Right, but I don't want your attention," she said with a grin. "I've already had your attention, and ... baby, you need some lessons," she teased him. She knew what he meant, but her way was funnier. Anna listened to them, and thought, and decided to go see how Warren was doing. She didn't say anything about it as she let herself out of the attic, making her way down the stairs to his room. She rapped lightly on his door, and waited.

Storm and Sorrow:  "Maybe you should give me some more lessons then," he teased her, glancing at Anna as she left the attic and he hoped she would be okay.  Warren glanced towards the door and thought for a moment. "It's open," he called softly.

Lupine Shadows:  Jess wondered how much damage control they'd be doing in the next few days. "I would, but...that Zoe chick scares me. I mean, maybe she's laid claim to you, and if I try to give you lessons, she'll find out, and come after me." Anna turned away, then stopped herself. That was just...silly. This was Warren, and he might need a friend right now. Swallowing hard, she let herself into his room. "I can ... go, if you aren't up for company. I just...wanted to make sure you were okay."

Storm and Sorrow:  "I think she'd like to lay claim to every single boy in the house," he said with a grin. He thought briefly that it might be Rory, but he managed a little smile for Anna when he saw her. "Hey.  You can come in, if you want.  I'm not sure what kind of company I'll be though."

Lupine Shadows:  She laughed softly. She'd like to lay claim to a couple of boys in the house, but so far, no one was biting. But to be fair, she wasn't really trying. Anna stood in the doorway, a faint frown on her lips. She shifted to push the door closed, then she crossed over to settle down next to him. "You  never said if you were okay."

Storm and Sorrow:  "I'm okay," he nodded, glancing over at her and without thinking about, he reached out to wrap an arm around her. "I just.. I wish they hadn't broken up," he said softly.

Lupine Shadows:  "Why?" she snuggled against his side, inhaling his scent. "It means you can have her now, right?" Wasn't that what he'd wanted? She rested her head on his shoulder, moving a hand to rest against his chest.

Storm and Sorrow:  He shook his head, "I don't know if it will be that simple," he shifted a little, holding her gently against his side, stroking her arm. "It just.. I don't know.  I'm confused," he admitted.

Lupine Shadows:  "Well, if she doesn't want you, there're other fish in the sea," she pointed out as she closed her eyes, content to just be with him like this. "Seems kind of stupid for her to have broken up with him and then not jump you," she pointed out.

Storm and Sorrow:  He quirked a half grin, "I think she's confused too. She.. told me not to wait for her," he murmured as he closed his eyes.

Lupine Shadows:  "Oh," she said, because she couldn't think of any other response to that. Because that was just ... stupid. She broke up with her bofyriend, and told the guy she broke up with him for, not to wait? No, the only word for that was stupid. So now three people were miserable? Four, if they counted her, which they shouldn't, because no one was supposed to know.

Storm and Sorrow:  His mind wandered back to Amber's words about Anna and he wanted to ask her about it, but he just couldn't add another layer of drama onto this. "Thanks for checking on me," he murmured quietly as he held her.

Lupine Shadows:  "That's what friends are for," she said, hoping he hadn't noticed the little hitch in her voice. She rubbed his chest lightly, then pulled away. "I hope things work out for you," she said softly before she started to wiggle out of the bed.

Storm and Sorrow:  He thought about asking her to stay, but if she liked him -- or loved him -- that wasn't fair to her.  He released her, watching her wiggle away. "Me too," he agreed with a little smile.

Lupine Shadows:  She made herself smile for him before she turned to retreat from her room. In the hall, she pulled out her phone and sent a text to Jess. Support, please. Jess pulled out her phone when it vibed, and her shoulders sagged a little. Damage control, step one. She sent a text to Amber and Kelly. Sleepover in our room. :( Bring the cheer.
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