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Anna/Warren, Anna/Toby, kitchen drama

Lupine Shadows:  Anna had spent ... pretty much the whole day in and out of her bikini. She'd gone out earlier that afternoon, and after Jess talked her into it, had sunbathed topless. No one had come to visit, but...well, they were in the backyard, so maybe no one had seen. She'd gone back in for an early dinner, and then she'd retreated upstairs to see if anyone was teaming. She wound up soloing instead, because she wasn't feeling social. The other girls had headed off to the mall, but she definitely hadn't felt like that

Storm and Sorrow:  Warren decided he could be anti social forever and oddly enough he felt a little better after talking with Rory.  He hoped they got back together, but he wasn't sure if that was wishful thinking or not.  Climbing the stairs to the attic, he let himself in.  Maybe playing some games would take his mind off things.

Lupine Shadows:  She glanced up when Warren came in, and she absently thought she should've put a shirt on. Too late now. "Hey, War," she said softly. Since she was just flying to a mission, she could afford a minute or so of not staring at the screen.

Storm and Sorrow:  "Hey.  Nice shirt," he said and couldn't help but grin as he glanced over at her, moving to claim one of the computers and booting up heroes.

Lupine Shadows:  She stuck out her tongue and flipped him off. She wasn't sure what to talk about, because she didn't know what the safe topics were. It was quiet in the house. The girls were out. The weres were out. She wasn't sure what the other boys were doing though. "So...how're you doing?"

Storm and Sorrow:  "I'm okay," he nodded as he logged onto his brute.  Mindlessly smashing stuff was nice sometimes.  "Rory and I .. we're not going to be together," he shared with a nod.

Lupine Shadows:  "Oh." She said. "I ... that's...why?" She finally settled on. She arrived at her mission door, but she didn't go inside. If he wanted to talk, she wanted to listen.

Storm and Sorrow:  "It doesn't feel right.  To either of us, really," he got a paper mission and started for it. "It's.. I don't know how to explain it."

Lupine Shadows:  "I'm ... sorry..." she offered. But she wasn't. Well, she was, but only because he was sad. And the whole situation was fucked up and weird, anyway. "So are they... getting back together?"

Storm and Sorrow:  He shook his head, a little grin quirking his lips, "You don't have to be sorry.  I'm okay, really.  It was harder being in limbo than it is knowing we're not going to get together." He paused and shrugged, "I don't know.  I hope so, though."

Lupine Shadows:  She nodded. She kind of almost wished she'd gone with the other girls, because this was kind of awkward, and she was feeling an urge to ... comfort ... him. "Well. Hopefully it ... works out for the best," she offered lamely, and clicked on the door to let herself into the mission.

Storm and Sorrow:  "Hopefully," he paused. "I'm really okay, though.  I mean, it feels like everyone is ... walking on eggshells around me," maybe that wasn't the exact feeling, but... it was odd, whatever it was.

Lupine Shadows:  "Well, if you'd quit dropping them on the floor, people would quit walking on them," she teased him. "So, on a lighter topic, did you notice if anyone was watching us this afternoon?" She grinned.

Storm and Sorrow:  He laughed softly as he glanced over at her teasingly, "Whose attention were you trying to get?"

Lupine Shadows:  "Well, whoever was biting. I guess Jess and I just aren't that exciting. No one bit." She shrugged like it didn't bother her, but...well. Patch fucked the neighborgirl, but...no one came to say hi to them? She was starting to feel invisible. She ran through her mission, beating up the bad guys, and trying to pretend she didn't wish the girls were here right now to hold her hands.

Storm and Sorrow:  "Have to do it in the front yard, I think, if you want the neightbors to bite.  But Ben and James got a couple nice shots of you and Jess on their phone," he said, trying not to grin.

Lupine Shadows:  "Yeah. Maybe we'll try that tomorrow. Or we'll be more obvious about rubbing the suntan lotion on each other." She paused as she moved over to a glowie. "Or we'll go naked. I have a tanline on my hip now." she sighed. "Maybe I'll work on getting rid of that."

Storm and Sorrow:  "Maybe if you knocked on their door and asked to borrow a cup of sugar," he paused, "or a couple condoms, that would get their attention.  Or maybe they're all gay, with each other."

Lupine Shadows:  "Oh, that's a good plan," she said. She finished her mission, and logged off. "Maybe I'll go do that," she said as she stood up. She ruffled his hair, and stood behind him a minute to see what he was up to.

Storm and Sorrow:  He was smashing freaks with his big stone hammer, but he tilted his head to smile up at her when she stood behind him. "Of course, I'm not sure how to make sure one of the guys answers and not the girls."

Lupine Shadows:  "Mmm..." she thought. "Maybe all the girls are out." She bent down and pressed her lips against his cheek. "Wish me luck?"

Storm and Sorrow:  "Are you seriously going to go ask to borrow a condom?" He asked with a laugh and after he killed the last guy in the room, he turned in his chair to face her.

Lupine Shadows:  "I was going to go with the sugar plan, but... the condom plan might be a better idea." she smiled at him, though she wondered if she'd really have the guts to do it if he didn't call her bluff.

Storm and Sorrow:  "Well, I wish you luck," he smiled, resting a hand on her hip as he stood up to kiss her cheek... because that was the best way to wish luck.

Lupine Shadows:  She she smiled. "Thanks." She drew away from him slowly, turning toward the door. "I'll see you later, and let you know how it went," she said with a wink.

Storm and Sorrow:  "Be safe," he said softly before he sat back down slowly, watching her.

Lupine Shadows:  She nodded, and she let herself out. Her shoulders sagged, and she sighed. She didn't really want to go whore herself out to the neighbors, so she headed down to the kitchen. Maybe she'd ... bake cookies or something. She felt like cookies.

Storm and Sorrow:  He stared at the door for a moment and had an odd urge to go after her, but, if she wanted to play with the neighbors, she could.  "Hey," Toby greeted Anna with a grin as he came in from the backyard to get a drink.

Lupine Shadows:  "Hey," she replied quietly, offering him a little smile. She stretched up to start pulling out the ingredients for cookies from the cabinets - this house had everything. Probably because Eri did the shopping, and Eri cooked. "What're you up to?"

Storm and Sorrow:  "We were having a get drunk by the pool and see who drowns party, but only because we thought all the cute single girls had taken off," he grinned, "didn't know one had stayed behind," he winked playfully.

Lupine Shadows:  "Oh yeah? Who?" she smiled, and she was only  half teasing. She found chocolate chips, and peanut butter and butterscotch ones. Hm. She wondered what that would taste like.

Storm and Sorrow:  "You know who," he stuck his tongue out at her and smiled as he leaned against the counter. "What're you up to?"

Lupine Shadows:  "Baking cookies," she said with a nod. "What do you think peanut butter, butterscotch, and chocolate chips would taste like? And are they better in regular or chocolate cookies?"

Storm and Sorrow:  "I think it would taste like something only a poet could describe," he grinned and then gave serious consideration to her second question because cookies were serious business and he'd had a couple drinks. "Maybe you should make both, just to be safe."

Lupine Shadows:  "Good call," she said with a nod. "You want to help, or are you too buzzed?" She grinned over to him as she started measuring things together in a bowl. yes, she did have the receipe memorized.

Storm and Sorrow:  "Oh, the two are not mutually exclusive.  Helping and being buzzed," he clarified with a grin. "What can I do to help?"

Lupine Shadows:  She laughed, and handed him the bowl and a spoon. "Stir this one up?" She started on the chocolate set while he (hopefully) stirred the regular stuff. "Do you think I should go out there and entertain the boys? Or are they good entertaining themselves?"

Storm and Sorrow:  He did stir the regular stuff and he glanced towards the door when she mentioned entertaining the boys. "What kind of entertainment?" He asked with a curious grin.

Lupine Shadows:  "I don't know." she glanced down at herself. "Maybe just walking around outside would be entertainment enough." She smiled over to him.

Storm and Sorrow:  "They'd probably try to grope you," he warned as he stirred and stirred and stirred and then stuck his finger in to see how it tasted.

Lupine Shadows:  "Yeah? Maybe I should go out then." She grinned as she took the bowl back from him. She got out a cookie sheet, and started making little cookie balls.

Storm and Sorrow:  "You want to be groped?" He asked with a laugh as he moved to stand behind her, more boldly than he would have if he wasn't buzzed and wrapped his arms around her waist. "We're gonna throat a game this weekend and invite the neighbors," he shared.

Lupine Shadows:  "Yeah? That sounds like fun." She leaned her shoulders back against him as she placed the cookie balls evenly along the sheet. "All the neighbors, or just the cute boys?" she teased him.

Storm and Sorrow:  "Just the.. huh?" He laughed softly, resting his chin softly on the top of her head. "All of them," he answered for real. "Boys and girls, to be fair."

Lupine Shadows:  "So ... more competition for me, huh?" She sighed dramatically. "You're gonna have to let me  go so I can put these in the oven." She grinned.

Storm and Sorrow:  "Can I eat one?" He asked with a grin, not letting her go yet.  Eating cookie dough was good. "Do you feel competitioned.. " he paused and grinned, "competed with?"

Lupine Shadows:  "It might make you sick," she cautioned him. "Raw egg and all." She poked one of the chips out, though, and she offered it up to his mouth. And she pretended she hadn't heard the question, because she didn't want to get into it.

Storm and Sorrow:  He leaned forward and took the chip from her, taking the tips of her fingers into his mouth and sucking briefly before withdrawing, "Thanks," he grinned.

Lupine Shadows:  She smiled softly, shivering a little. That felt good. Him pressing against her felt good, and she leaned back against him. "Can I cook the cookies now?" She  murmured teasingly.

Storm and Sorrow:  "I guess," he sighed dramatically, tilting his head to press a kiss to her cheek, but he missed and got her jaw instead before he let his arms fall from around her.

Lupine Shadows:  She absently wished he was sober, and she resolutely pushed back the threatening wave of self pity as she moved to put the trays of cookies into the oven. She set the timer on the microwave, and got a bottle of water out of the fridge before she sat down at the table.

Storm and Sorrow:  He moved to sit next to her at the table. "What're you going to do while you wait?" He asked curiously.

Lupine Shadows:  Think about how much  my life sucks? She shrugged. "What do you want to do?" She dropped a hand to rest it lightly on his thigh, rubbing gently before she lifted it back to the table.

Storm and Sorrow:  "We could watch a movie," he suggested, smiling over at her when she rubbed his thigh. "Or play scrabble," he added teasingly.

Lupine Shadows:  "I don't think we have time for a movie. They only take ten minutes to cook." She tilted her head to gaze at him briefly before she looked away, inhaling the scent of cookies, wondering how many people's attention it would catch.

Storm and Sorrow:  "Well there's not much we can do in only ten minutes," he pointed out with a teasing grin. "Twelve minutes, that would open up a lot of options, but ten.." he shook his head with a wink.

Lupine Shadows:  She laughed softly. "What can we do in those two extra minutes?" she asked as she glanced over to him. "I mean, what makes twelve so much more ... door openy than ten?"

Storm and Sorrow:  "Well, I'd tell you, but now we probably only have like.. eight minutes left," he laughed softly, shrugging his shoulders teasingly.

Lupine Shadows:  She smiled. "You don't even know," she said as she opened up her water, taking a sip. "Cookies..." Jess said as she stepped into the house in front of Amber, Erica, and Kelly. "Who's baking in my kitchen?" Erica asked, feigning outrage as she stuck her head in. "Hey, guys."

Storm and Sorrow:  "It was me! Kill me if you must, but don't hurt Anna.  She was just an innocent cookiestander.  Like a bystander, but not," he explained, in case it wasn't clear.

Lupine Shadows:  Erica laughed quietly. "Smells good. I didn't know we had any cookie dough." "We  didn't. I .. made some." Erica grinned. "Awesome." She nodded toward the stairs as she eased out. She was all worn out. Jess smiled. "What'd we miss?" "Warren's not hooking up with Rory. Officially." "And we missed that? Damn." Kelly sighed. "you okay?" "Yeah," she lied. "You guys can crash in your own room."

Storm and Sorrow:  "I stirred," Toby added and then wondered why they asked if Anna was okay.  Did she like Warren? And speak of the devil, Warren had smelled cookies and wandered downstairs to see who was cooking and found a bit group in the kitchen. "Hi, guys."

Lupine Shadows:  "That's so manly of you," Kelly teased Toby before she glanced up to Warren. She hugged him. "Catch you guys later. I have stuff to put away." Anna smiled over to Warren, then crossed to the oven when the timer beeped. Jess handed Amber her bags, and decided to hang out for a little while.

Storm and Sorrow:  Toby smiled proudly, "I do my best." He hugged Kelly, smiling down at her. "What'd you guys buy?" He asked curiously, though his eyes strayed briefly over to Anna.

Lupine Shadows:  "Girl stuff." she said. "Lingerie, flavored lube, fluffy handcuffs. We stocked up for the game this weekend," she teased him. Anna seriously thought about skipping the game. Maybe she'd hide in her room with a book. She occupied herself with putting the cookies on cooling racks.

Storm and Sorrow:  Warren laughed softly, "You'll have to tell me how that goes," he teased back. "You're not a gamer?" Toby asked with a laugh. "I think I'm too boring for games like that," he grinned.

Lupine Shadows:  In that case, maybe she'd go. Once she had the cookies set up, she started for the doorway to the kitchen. "'night, guys," she said. Jess frowned a little. God damn it. "See you, kitten," she called after her. She picked up one of the chocolate cookies, breaking it in half.

Storm and Sorrow:  "Night Anna," Toby called after her, watching her go, a little disappointed.  He liked talking to her, even if he was a little buzzed.  "Night," Warren echoed and he wondered a little if she was dodging him.  It seemed like whenever he came into a room tonight, she left shortly after.

Lupine Shadows:  "You." She said to Warren. "You. You suck. Because we really need to figure out which one of us is going after him," she nodded toward Toby. Then realized that was probably rude. So she grinned, and took a bite of warm cookie.

Storm and Sorrow:  "What?" Warren asked, confused. He glanced over at Toby, but he shrugged, "Who's going after me?" He asked with a grin.

Lupine Shadows:  "Ugh." Jess sighed. "She needs to hook up with someone before she emos us all to death." She waved her half a cookie at them before she started out of the kitchen.

Storm and Sorrow:  "I'm going gay," Warren muttered because girls were fucking confusing.  Frustrated, not at anyone in particular, he got up to head out the front door.

Lupine Shadows:  "Good. I'll let Travis know," she called after him. Not that she believed him for a minute. She ducked back into the kitchen to snag a few more cookies before the boys got to them.

Storm and Sorrow:  "Good for fucking Travis," he shot back before he slammed the front door shut behind himself and sadly he thought he'd been taking lessons from Bart, but he was tired and annoyed and he didn't even know who Travis was.

Lupine Shadows:  Jess sighed, and she kind of felt like crying. God. They all needed to get laid. Then maybe this bullshit would stop. "And we thought Bart was going to be the problem. Pfft." She  snorted and started for the stairs with her cookies.
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