Dane Valor || Kat Dursley (youngest_son) wrote in covenant_rpg,
Dane Valor || Kat Dursley

Canon: What now?

Who: Chase
Where: their house
When: After Ashley learns some possibly disturbing news
Notes: Only if you feel up to it - replies will be crazy delayed 'cause i have to work.

Pony camp was ...irritating. She didn't mind kids in small doses, but some kids and some horses just didn't mix. On the plus side...at least Brenna wasn't working with the kids. She had a feeling there would've been at least a couple of fires if she had been.

Still, she'd met a few interesting people in the course of the days she was working with the kids. Apparently, the wolf pack was fairly large - thanks to a rogue were who hadn't known what he was doing - and now included a couple of tigers.

While she was talking to the girl tiger - Miri - Ashley learned that one of the witches had been turned into a wolf. At first, she'd been annoyed. Then, she saw the upside to it. Then she realized who it was, and decided that was just a disaster waiting to happen.

So it was time to make sure Chase didn't start anything - though he had free rein to finish anything the other one started.

"Honey, I'm home," she called tiredly as she stepped into the house, slipping off her shoes and dropping her keys on the table by the door.
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