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dane shift

youngest_son in covenant_rpg

Hellishly curious (canon)

Who: Chase
Where: IFF
When: ...Wednesday

The child roamed curiously through the caverns. He'd been here for ten years (though considerably less had passed on the surface), and he was kind of bored. He had all this power ... and very little to do with it. Devon twirled in a circle before he crossed toward the door that held one of the many scrying pools. After all, daddy had to have some way to keep an eye on the surface.

Devon knew where he'd come from, of course. His 'adoptive father' had told him everything. Devon also knew about the alternate realities. His 'own' reality was nothing sort of boring, horridly mundane, compared to some of the others. There was one that was fascinating to him.

One in which versions of his parents were married, where the version of his father was a vampire witch hybrid, interested him. It just so happened ... there was a gate in this reality.


Devon had found his way to his 'mothers' barn easily enough, and he stood at the edge of the arena as he watched her. She was pretty, and even from where he stood, he could feel her strength. It intrigued him, and he smiled.

"Hey," Karen said quietly as she saw the boy standing by the arena. She didn't recall having seen him for activities earlier, but there were so damn many kids, maybe they were starting to blur together. "Were you ... in that group?" she continued curiously.

Devon glanced to the woman, and he shook his head before he returned his attention to the campers on horseback in the arena.

Karen blinked, not real sure what to make of that. "Are your parents around?" she said before she looked around curiously.

He shook his head. "They're not here," he said quietly as he watched Ashley help a little girl shorten her stirrup to better support herself on the horse's back.

The guardian shifted to follow the kid's gaze before she glanced back to him. Well this was ... interesting. But he wasn't hurting anything, so she just let him be.


Ashley had handed the kids off to Karen for the next activity, and she was untacking the horses and sponging down their backs when she noticed a child she hadn't seen before watching her. "Hi," she offered with a friendly smile. "Shouldn't you be with the other kids?"

"No," Devon said quietly as he walked toward her. He studied her, then reached to touch the muzzle of the horse she was grooming.

The horse pinned his ears and backed away, his tail twitching nervously as a low whicker made his nostrils quiver.

Ash thought that was odd; this horse was one of the most bombproof ones they had. She studied the boy for a moment, and when she noticed his eyes, she frowned. They were ... Chase's eyes. "What's your name?" she asked him quietly as she tried to comfort the horse.

"Devon," he replied before he turned his gaze on her.

"Where ... where are your parents?" she inquired softly.

"I don't really have any," he said with a little shrug. "My dad used me to pay a debt. My mom wasn't ready for me." Devon gazed at Ashley intently, with eyes he knew reminded her of her husband, and he smiled.

Chase? You should ... come to the barn, she thought to her husband. Now.


"Are you okay?" Devon asked, keeping the wicked grin at bay as he stared at his "mother."

Chase frowned at the feeling behind her thought and started for the barn. What's up?
She was trying to keep it from blooming into panic, but she wasn't sure how well she was succeeding. She tried to simply think the situation at Chase without using words.

Swallowing once, she smiled to Devon. "I'm all right," she assured him before she shifted her attention to resume grooming the horse. Well, it wasn't like she'd honestly expected it to stay quiet forever, right?
And you're lying, Devon thought, rather pleased with himself.

Baby, that's not possible.. Chase argued, even though he knew better than to think anything was impossible.
Possible or not, he's standing right here, she thought back. The horse was groomed, so she unclipped him to lead him to his stall, since he was tense and edgy, antsy. She closed the stall door, realized her hands were shaking, and she had no pockets to shove them in. Jesus.

"So ...what're you doing here?" she asked the boy curiously.
"Visiting my parents," he told her with a grin.

Well he's just a kid, right? He can't hurt you... Which was also not true, Chase knew.
She felt briefly dizzy. "You said you didn't have any," she protested softly.

Jesus Christ. Was he hers? Was this ... what came to be when Chase had been turned? She pressed a hand to her mouth, feeling kind of like she was going to pass out.

But no. No, that couldn't be right. Because...Tad. Tad was her son, and he had the magic, and they only had one son.

But did it count, if he came from somewhere else?

There were too many questions she didn't know the answers to. Hurry, she pleaded with her husband.
Oh right, he had, but she seemed more than nervous now, so it was okay with Devon that he'd slipped up. "Not in the sense that they raised me, but everyone has parents."

That bad? Chase asked, speeding a little.
She wanted to know who his parents were. Who had raised him. It mattered little to her than the incident that had taken her first conception had been just over eight months ago, and the child looked at least ten. Magic did funny things, after all. She didn't doubt he was somehow tied to her.

To her, or to her alter self. She recalled his earlier words - my dad used me to pay a debt - and she shivered.

Oh, God. Worse, she thought miserably to her husband. "Who..." her voice rasped, so she cleared her throat and tried again. "Who ... are your parents?" there was a faint question on the 'are' - perhaps his parents had passed on.
"You already know the answer to that question," he told her with an amused grin.

"Hey!" Chase said, walking over to where Ashley was, acting like he didn't know a thing. "What are you up to?" God the kid looked familiar.
She shook her head, denying she knew anything, because she didn't know she could only guess but those were his eyes, her Chase's eyes gazing at her from the child's face.

Be careful, baby, she cautioned him. As terrified as she was, she didn't want anything to happen to him, not her husband.
"Who's this?" Devon asked, looking at Chase and knowing exactly who he was.

He smells like Hell. Chase thought, leaving the introduction to Ashley, because he suddenly didn't want to talk to this kid at all.
She wondered how the kid could pretend things were normal, that nothing was amiss. How he could act like he didn't know who Chase was. "This is my husband, Chase. Chase, this is Devon." She carried out the introductions mechanically, reaching out for her husband if he could get close to her.

I'm not surprised, she thought. And honestly? She wasn't. He said his mother wasn't ready for him, and his father used him to pay a debt.
Chase's smile faded before he could stop it, but he tried to recover from it by smiling again. "So, are you from around here?" he asked Devon, putting his arm around Ashley's waist so that he could pull her close.

"I'm from down south," Devon answered with a smirk. He looked at Ashley, right into her eyes, because he knew this was really getting to her.
She shifted her gaze away from the child's, pressing her face lightly against Chase's shoulder. She wanted to shout at the boy to go away, to leave them alone, that there was nothing here for him, but making a scene in the barn wasn't the way to go. It was miraculous enough they hadn't been disturbed yet.

"What do you want," she asked the boy quietly once she'd regained enough composure to trust her voice.
"That's a tough question to answer," Devon told her. "Mostly, looking for closure."

"Not our problem," Chase snapped.