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dane shift

youngest_son in covenant_rpg

Hellishly curious (canon)

Who: Chase
Where: IFF
When: ...Wednesday

The child roamed curiously through the caverns. He'd been here for ten years (though considerably less had passed on the surface), and he was kind of bored. He had all this power ... and very little to do with it. Devon twirled in a circle before he crossed toward the door that held one of the many scrying pools. After all, daddy had to have some way to keep an eye on the surface.

Devon knew where he'd come from, of course. His 'adoptive father' had told him everything. Devon also knew about the alternate realities. His 'own' reality was nothing sort of boring, horridly mundane, compared to some of the others. There was one that was fascinating to him.

One in which versions of his parents were married, where the version of his father was a vampire witch hybrid, interested him. It just so happened ... there was a gate in this reality.


Devon had found his way to his 'mothers' barn easily enough, and he stood at the edge of the arena as he watched her. She was pretty, and even from where he stood, he could feel her strength. It intrigued him, and he smiled.

"Hey," Karen said quietly as she saw the boy standing by the arena. She didn't recall having seen him for activities earlier, but there were so damn many kids, maybe they were starting to blur together. "Were you ... in that group?" she continued curiously.

Devon glanced to the woman, and he shook his head before he returned his attention to the campers on horseback in the arena.

Karen blinked, not real sure what to make of that. "Are your parents around?" she said before she looked around curiously.

He shook his head. "They're not here," he said quietly as he watched Ashley help a little girl shorten her stirrup to better support herself on the horse's back.

The guardian shifted to follow the kid's gaze before she glanced back to him. Well this was ... interesting. But he wasn't hurting anything, so she just let him be.


Ashley had handed the kids off to Karen for the next activity, and she was untacking the horses and sponging down their backs when she noticed a child she hadn't seen before watching her. "Hi," she offered with a friendly smile. "Shouldn't you be with the other kids?"

"No," Devon said quietly as he walked toward her. He studied her, then reached to touch the muzzle of the horse she was grooming.

The horse pinned his ears and backed away, his tail twitching nervously as a low whicker made his nostrils quiver.

Ash thought that was odd; this horse was one of the most bombproof ones they had. She studied the boy for a moment, and when she noticed his eyes, she frowned. They were ... Chase's eyes. "What's your name?" she asked him quietly as she tried to comfort the horse.

"Devon," he replied before he turned his gaze on her.

"Where ... where are your parents?" she inquired softly.

"I don't really have any," he said with a little shrug. "My dad used me to pay a debt. My mom wasn't ready for me." Devon gazed at Ashley intently, with eyes he knew reminded her of her husband, and he smiled.

Chase? You should ... come to the barn, she thought to her husband. Now.


"See that's the funny part," he said, using his father's dark sarcasm, "home? Not a very friendly place." Devon glanced at Chase.

"It wasn't us," he said through gritted teeth, echoing Ashley. He was getting angry now, and that wasn't good for any of them.
"Then ... don't go home, but you can't stay here. This isn't your world. This isn't your place." She gripped Chase's hand, relying on him to buffer her own strength of will, and to provide him with her own well of strength.
"You're the ones that sent me there," he snapped darkly. "Doesn't matter what reality you're from."

"We'd never..." Chase paused and thought about it, then got quiet, because there were more than a few versions of himself that would have.
"We," Ashley started sharply. "Did nothing. Go take this out on the one that really wronged you, Devon. It wasn't us."

Corey hummed a little to herself as she started into the barn. She saw the group of kids at the tables, and the growing group of parents ready to take them home. By the time she was done grooming and tacking up Char, they'd be gone.

When she rounded the corner, she paused a little when she saw the trio of people. Chase, Ash, and someone she didn't know. Judging from the expression on Ash's face (and the fact Chase was there), she doubted the kid was some stray from camp. Setting down her bag when she passed the tackroom, she headed down toward them.

This close, she caught the kid's scent. No, definitely not someone from kiddy camp. "Hey, guys," she offered.
Devon started arguing, then looked at Corey curiously. She seemed...familiar. Well, there was something familiar about her.

"Just go back to hell," Chase muttered. He noticed the look toward Corey, but said nothing.
Mmm, hellbeast in the headlights. Or spotlight. She couldn't shift in the daylight, and the damn summer days were so long, but ... well, who said she had to be shifted to escort people?

If it came to that. Corey moved closer to the trio, her head canting slightly to the side as she fixed her eyes on Devon.

Ashley wasn't sure if having Corey here was a good thing or a bad thing, and she clutched Chase's hand more tightly. She wanted to explain everything to Corey, but she couldn't think of a way to do it without spouting theories she wasn't sure she wanted Devon to know.

"Is there a problem?" Corey asked curiously.
((sorry about the lag, my mom had me run her into town :P ))

"No problem," Devon assured her with a sly grin as his eyes flashed to black for the quickest of moments.

"No, you're not old enough yet," Chase snapped, glaring at him.

Devon turned his gaze to Chase and Ashley. "You think your fucking rules apply there?"

Dear god, for all they knew he'd Ascended already. Chase mentally readied himself to use against the little bastard if he had to.

Devon looked back at Corey and spoke in a mocking tone, "You could tell them all about that, couldn't you?"
Ashley shivered. This was not good. Not that it had been good before, but if there'd been any question ... well.

Corey cocked her head to the other side. She wasn't sure if Chase and Ash wanted her to step in, and really, the middle of the barn was far from ideal - most of the riders who were dodging the kids started to arrive around now.

"I really don't know what you're talking about," she said to the boy. "I don't live there. I don't even go there. I just make gates to there."
"I can change that," he pointed out, grinning.

Chase glanced around. We can't be here anymore. We need to get him away from people.
Was he threatening Corey? I know, Ash thought back to Chase. She glanced to Corey, then cocked her head toward the door.

The hellbeast nodded, a faint smirk adorning her lips. "I don't think even you can change that, boy," she snapped to him. "I serve one higher than you. I'd like to see you try to override his authority."

Corey wasn't exactly thrilled that that was her argument, but it was the only one she had. Since her turning, she was a very unwilling servant to the ruler of the underworld.
"Thanks to my real dad, the 'one you serve,'" he said sarcastically, "raised me. So don't even play that card."

Part of Chase was actually afraid of this kid, because he'd come from the only place that, puns aside, scared the hell out of him. I'll follow, Chase thought. That way he could stop the kid if he tried to follow them as well.
"Then he still out ranks you," Corey said calmly. She shifted her weight and started to follow after Ashley when the other blonde started toward the back door of the barn.

Ashley's back was tight with nerves as she walked the length of the barn, when all she wanted to do was run. This was ... well, this sucked. Who knew if the kid intended anything, or if he was just here to mess with them?
"Go ahead and scamper off," Devon told Chase sarcastically. "But I'll be watching, and I'll come back."

Chase glared at the kid before he followed Ashley. When he glanced back to make sure he wasn't being followed Devon was nowhere in sight. "This isn't good," Chase told Corey and Ash once he was with them. "On a scale of not-goodness this pretty much breaks any records we've set so far." Which for them was saying a lot.
Ashley shuddered, shaking her head slightly. "Think I want to go home," she said. "It's been so quiet..."

"Tell me about it," Corey said. "I'll run Charming if you want," she offered with a little shrug.

"Think you'll be safe?" Ashley worried.

Corey nodded, glancing back toward the barn. "Yeah. I don't think he'd...touch me." She then wondered if "daddy" even knew that the boy was out, and she thought maaybe she'd make herself a gate tonight.
"We need to warn the others," Chase said. "You can tell something's wrong just looking at him, but we should warn them anyway."