Dane Valor || Kat Dursley (youngest_son) wrote in covenant_rpg,
Dane Valor || Kat Dursley

Venturing to Hell

Who: Closed post
When: Wednesday Night
Where: Putnam Barn site

If someone had told Corey a few years ago that she'd be venturing around in the dark looking for the devil, she would've laughed at them. Hard, a lot, and for a long time. Now, she barely batted an eye at the fact Ash wanted her to do a little detective work, to see if she could figure things out from the hell-side.

Of course, she'd been planning on doing that, anyway, since she could. Technically, Ben could, too, but she took it upon herself. She was the gatekeeper, after all.


She'd shifted before she'd left the house, and she intended to return to the house shifted. It took care of the questions of what to do with her clothing. Once she'd reached the barn site, she looked around curiously, unsure how to proceed. Normally, she'd just make a gate, but ...could she make one for herself, without an explicit order to do so?

Corey settled on her rump, curling her tail around her hind legs while she thought. She flared her wings a few times before she decided she might as well attempt the gate - what harm could it do? So she stood back up, tilted her head back, and howled.

Predictably, no gate sprang into existance. Well, really, what the fuck was the point of being the gate keeper if you couldn't make your own gates? Aggitated, she paced a small circle before she dug at the soft earth a few times. She barked - as if that would catch his attention at all - and huffed as she sat down again.

"I didn't call you," he said quietly as he stepped up behind her.

Corey jumped, because she hadn't sensed him coming - at all. That unnerved her. She turned to face him, cocking her head to one side. Well, she hadn't thought about the talking aspect of things, and her face scrunched up a little. Before she could decide to shift out to talk, he was shifting her. She howled in shock, surprise, and pain, though the cry wound up very human as she curled up on the ground. Ouch. She glared up to him before she pushed herself up to her feet, almost surprised that nothing was broken, and nothing was bleeding.

"I know you didn't call me," she said. Honestly, she was a little edgy, and could anyone blame her? This was the devil she was talking to. "I came to talk about ... about Devon."

"Mm." He made a thoughtful, unimpressed noise. "What about him?"

Corey shifted her weight, crossing her arms over her breasts, wishing she'd opted to bring clothes anyway. "Well, the fact that he's here..."

The devil nodded.

Apparently that wasn't enough to merit any sort of disciplinary action. "And he's ... harrassing people."

"Merely harassing them? You came looking for me to tell me that?"

Corey frowned. "Well." Put that way, it did sound kind of ... stupid. The kid hadn't actually done anything - though he'd thratened to. Right? Besides, harassing was bad enough. "If he does more..."

"He won't be able to do more. He is a child, and he is well under my control. Do not worry, gatekeeper. Your friends are safe, and he will get bored." He paused. "Eventually."

Her lips pursed, and she thought really hard about protesting that. "You swear he won't hurt them?"

"I don't swear," he said sharply. "But I am a man of my word. Chase has won himself free of my clutches, and the bond between hiimself and his woman is strong enough to withstand anything a mere child could throw at them, regardless of what power he possesses." He saw no need to inform her that the child feared love, for it was among the strongest forces in the universe. Stronger, even than him. "The child will become bored and find some other sort of entertainment soon enough. Now, is that all?"

Was that all? She supposed it was, so she nodded. There was a flash, and she blinked as her eyes started to tear. Wiping away the wetness she looked around only to find herself alone. "Nice chatting with you," she muttered before she rolled her shoulders and called her beast out. No way was she walking home naked.

Once she got there, she'd give Ash a call, and let her try to figure things out from there.
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