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imisstheobvious in covenant_rpg

Final Coven List - for the LuLz

Not including vampires, weres, or NPCs that were killed in the course of the game, since this was just the list of covens. hehe. But they're all one big coven now.

In case it isn't plainly obvious, it's witch, guardian, guardian element. The ones separated are shadow/app. shadow.

Ipswich (Ipswich/Peoria/Stormstown)

Danvers, Caleb - Fisher, Corinne - Earth
Garwin, Reid - Collins, Ashley - Ice
Simms, Tyler - Stacey, Alyson - Wind
Parry, Pogue - Richardson, Layla - Electric
(Putnam) Collins, Chase - McKimmon, Brenna - Fire

Fisher, Roland
Parker, Christopher

Eld, Arthur - King, Roberta - Ice
Lambert, Tony - Erica - Electic
Jameson, Toby - Sasha - Wind
Lewis, Mark - Ice - Fire
Page, Gregory - Taylor, Karen - Earth

Piper, Derrick
Piper, Douglas

Smith, Warren - Amber - Earth/Ice
Conway, Patrick - Kelly - Fire/Electric
Jefferson, Bart - Jessica - Wind/Ice

Anderson, Anna


Griffin, Orion - Peterson, Laurel - Electric
Rite, Pollux - Matheson, Fallon - Wind
Kinney, Corvus - Brooks, Teagan - Ice
- Carlson, Elizabeth - Earth

Tucker, Stephen


River, Logan - Julie - Fire
Finnigan, Phillip - Eden - Earth
Squire, Michael - Alicia - Wind
Stark, Blake - Petra - Ice
Irons, Jake - Jean - Electric


New York

Zeus, Dean - Beth - Earth
Fredericks, Noah - Lucas, Jenny - Fire
Bogart, Dominic - Morgan - Ice
Lucas, Ryan - Serena - Wind
Masters, Wade - Wendy - Electricity

Lucas, Eric


Forge, Ian - Sapphire - Ice
Simpson, Sebastian - Regan - Earth
Montague, Anthony - River - Electric
Mordred, Landon - Wysteria - Wind
Powell, Seth - Sierra - Fire

Jenkins, Thomas
Foster, Marcus

North Carolina

Burns, Ashton - Kimberly - Fire
Nelson, Bryce
Christensen, Vincent - Charisma - Ice
Layson, Parker

West Virginia

Melchor, Kenneth
Beach, Jared
Norrington, Wesley
Stafford, Jonothan
White, Damien

Rains, Kevin
Lockwood, Henry


Black, Jordan
Norton, Julian - Tabitha - Earth
Manning, Jeremiah
Winter, Jason - Charlotte - Wind
O'Hallahan, Joseph - Kady - Ice

Loftin, Chad
Evans, Darren


Forest, Alex - Carrie - Fire
Macintosh, Sean
Monterey, Charles - Zephyra - Earth
Knight, Connor - Kyra - Wind

New Hampshire

Roanoke, Travis - Fiona - Earth
Leighton, Seamus - Emerald - Wind
Charlotte, Andrew- Tara - Electricity
Roberts, Russell - Davies, Jaime - Fire
Long, Aiden - Felicity - Ice

Roanoke, Marie


Moore, Brandon (infant)


Lol. Yeah. it was something of a project for a while, and then we closed the game. :;snerk:: ah well. it's good to have in case we go future.
Oh, and in that same vein, did you see the post in otter? lol. one of those nagging bunnies that wouldn't leave me alone ::snerk:: I've also got one about John Putnam which is turning somewhat epic, and if i have time (between HP movie, HP book, and Heroing), m'totally going to try to post it.