The Lords of Salem - A Covenant RPG

The Lords of Salem - a Covenant RPG
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This is a rpg community for The Covenant.

This Community is now closed
(save by special invitation)

To clarify - for all intents and purposes, this is a closed, private community. If you really have some express desire to play with us (us being ... well, the three people listed below) then you are welcome to e-mail me at my contact info, and we can discuss your participation in the community. However, unless you're on every day, and a post whore, you probably won't have much luck.


This RP may contain mature and dark themes, such as violence, sex, and non-consensual sex. If this offends you, please do not join or read. If you disregard this, please do not say you were not warned.
End Disclaimer

Credit where credit is due. The community was originally created by mikerox08 but was signed over to youngest_son on October 4th, 2006. Community was "closed" February 28th, 2007.

For the sake of labelling

1st AU - Full coven alternate reality that Ashley accidentally got switched to, when they swapped guardians.

2nd AU - the alternate reality Laurel pushed Chase into, where Tyler is dead. Full covenness was never acheived (and never will be. how sad for them)

3rd AU - the alternate reality where the boys didn't have power, or hang out together.
3rd AU Guardian list

Ashley Knowlton (ice) (Chase)
Brenna McKimmon (fire) (Reid)
Corrine Fisher (electric) (Caleb)
Liberty Sykes (earth) (Tyler)
Alana Logan (wind)(Pogue)
Roland Fisher
Chris Parker (app. shadow)


† Absolutely no god-moding, you can only control your character. Minor liberties in group scenes are acceptable, however.

† All character post are to be made in your journal, unless they are tagging scenes, then post them in the main community.

† Logs and closed-to-response posts are to go here. covenant_logs

† Activity. Any canon characters have to be active at least once a week. OCs once every two weeks, or you'll be removed. Activity is: a journal entry, significant playtime in an open thread, creation of (and play in) an original thread. Activity is not: a one line comment in someone else's journal.

† We are asking that once accepted, you friend all the other character journals to your character journal. We've handled the matter of who can see what by labeling the journal entries "viewable by" or "Viewable to" or "the following people can read this". That way, we as players are kept up to date, but nothing gets spilled IC that shouldn't.

† Character limits will be determined on a case by case basis. If you can only handle one character well, you can only play one character. If you have the time, effort, and creativity to devote to ten characters, have at.

† Which brings me to the issue of character journals. For the sake of, well, everything, if you're playing a main and several minor characters, you're welcome to have as few as one journal - simply use the appropriate character icon (and maybe a blurb of text) to indicate which one is posting/being played.

† We have elected to allowe certain types of supernatural characters (such as vampires). However, any character that isn't a human may require discussion with the moderator prior to acceptance. You may e-mail me at lupineshadows[at]aol[dot]com, or through AIM/AOL at the same.

Canon Characters:

Caleb Danvers makeumywiotch AIM: SonOfIpswitch
Pogue Parry youngest_son AIM: LupineShadows
Chase Collins makeumywiotch AIM: SonOFIpswitch
Reid Garwin drawnofshadows AIM: Storm and Sorrow
Tyler Simms youngest_son AIM: LupineShadows

Original Characters:

Ipswich Guardians:

Brenna McKimmon (fire): Guardian to Chase Collins youngest_son AIM: LupineShadows
Alyson Stacey (wind): Guardian to Tyler Simms makeumywiotch AIM: SonofIpswitch
Ashley Collins (ice): Guardian to Reid Garwin youngest_son AIM: LupineShadows
Layla Richardson (electricity): Guardian to Pogue Parry makeumywiotch AIM: SonofIpswitch
Corrine Fisher (earth)(Hellbeast): Guardian to Caleb Danvers youngest_son AIM: LupineShadows

Other Guardians:

Abigail (earth) (Star Lake Coven) youngest_son AIM: LupineShadows
Misty (fire) (Essex Coven) youngest_son AIM: LupineShadows

Tennessee Coven:

Orion Griffin drawnofshadows AIM: Storm and Sorrow (In TN)
Pollux Rite makeumywiotch AIM: SonofIpswitch (In TN)
Corvus Kinney youngest_son AIM: LupineShadows (In TN)

Elizabeth "Lizzy" Carlson (Earth/(Castor)) youngest_son AIM: LupineShadows (In TN)
Laurel Peterson (Electric/Orion) youngest_son AIM: LupineShadows (In TN)
Fallon Matheson (Wind/Pollux) youngest_son AIM: LupineShadows (In TN)
Teagan Brooks (Ice/Corvus)youngest_son AIM: LupineShadows (In TN)


Aurora "Rory" Delaney Marshall youngest_son AIM: LupineShadows


Roland Fisher (Ipswich Coven)drawnofshadows AIM: Storm and Sorrow
Chris Parker (apprentice to Ipswich coven) drawnofshadows AIM: Storm and Sorrow
Stephen Tucker (TN Coven) drawnofshadows AIM: Storm and Sorrow (In TN)
Adam (Essex Coven) makeumywiotch AIM: SonofIpswitch (In CT)
Chris (apprentice, Essex Coven) drawnofshadows AIM: Storm and Sorrow (in CT)
Eric (Star Lake coven) youngest_son AIM: Lupineshadows (In NY)


Ipswich University
Dennis St. James drawnofshadows AIM: Storm and Sorrow

Peoria Coven (starting Fall '07 semester)
Arthur Eld drawnofshadows AIM: Storm and Sorrow
Tony youngest_son AIM: Lupineshadows
Toby drawnofshadows AIM: Storm and Sorrow
Mark drawnofshadows AIM: Storm and Sorrow
Greg drawnofshadows AIM: Storm and Sorrow
Ice (fire guardian: Mark) youngest_son AIM: Lupineshadows
Erica (electric guardian: Tony) youngest_son AIM: Lupine Shadows
Sasha (wind guardian: Toby) youngest_son AIM: Lupine Shadows
Karen (earth guardian: Greg) youngest_son AIM: Lupine Shadows
Bobby King (ice guardian: Arthur) youngest_son AIM: Lupine Shadows
Derrick Piper (Shadow)drawnofshadows AIM: Storm and Sorrow
Doug Piper (Apprentice)drawnofshadows AIM: Storm and Sorrow

Stormstown Coven

Warren Smith drawnofshadows AIM: Storm and Sorrow
Patrick "Patch" Conway drawnofshadows AIM: Storm and Sorrow
Bartleby drawnofshadows AIM: Storm and Sorrow>

Amber (Warren) (Ice/Earth) youngest_son AIM: Lupine Shadows
Kelly (Patch) (Fire/Electric) youngest_son AIM: Lupine Shadows
Jessica (Bart) (Wind/Ice) youngest_son AIM: Lupine Shadows

Anna (shadow) youngest_son AIM: Lupine Shadows

Students in other Places:

Scott Adams drawnofshadows AIM: Storm and Sorrow

Witch Hunters:

None Currently

Misc. OCs:

Zachary Snyder fbeye_man AIM: SonofIpswitch
Riley Beauman youngest_son AIM: Lupine Shadows
James Beauman drawnofshadows AIM: Storm and Sorrow
Ben Beauman (hellbeast) drawnofshadows AIM: Storm and Sorrow


Reginald Legard youngest_son AIM: Lupine Shadows
Daniel Grey drawnofshadows AIM: Storm and Sorrow
Gabriel youngest_son AIM: Lupine Shadows (in Salem)


Liberty "Libby" Sykes youngest_son AIM: Lupine Shadows

( Characters that can be used in scenes where necessary )
Provost Higgins
Randall ( handyman at IFF )
Shelly ( manager of IFF )
Misc. Cops

The Weather in Ipswich, MA

The WeatherPixie